Our skill levels and experience may vary, but all of us are passionate, eager to learn and grow, and determined to make you think of Maison Noi as your hair salon for years to come.

Our booking system allows you to pick your stylist. If you don’t know us, yet, here are quick portraits of our team members, to help you choose.



An eclectic and curious mind

he quietly works on thinking up better ways to do all sorts of things. This means being an attentive listener and being interested in all kinds of topics, in both English and French. Robin loves to teach and to learn, and to refine his skills, often attending courses with trendsetters in the hair and fashion industry. A creative manager, he is keen on ditching obsolete business models and trying new ones, more in tune with our modern ways AND with his vision for a kinder society.

Robin knows how to mix Aveda colours, both by the book and with his own personal formulas

Robin worked backstage at the New York Fashion Week in 2018

Robin loves to cook – Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Indian, Korean… he keeps exploring!

Robin and Emilie can try up to five or six restaurants a day when traveling!



A born curator

she surrounds herself with beautiful, well designed, quality things. Refined, uncompromising when it comes to quality and elegance, she dedicates her full attention and care to everything she does, including her craft. She keeps learning new techniques and styles, traveling all over North-America to find the best courses. Well-traveled, well-dined, well-dressed, Emilie can also be a great bilingual guide to the most interesting places and trends around Ottawa and beyond. She is always generous with her time and attention, including with the younger colleagues whom she mentors.

Emilie works with golden precision scissors hand-made in Japan

Emilie studied photography and has a great eye for style

Emilie can give you restaurant recommendations in New York, Paris, London, but also Reykjavik, Montreal, or Toulouse

Emilie and Robin have a Gin collection



A social being, in the best possible way

little fulfills her more than making people around her happy. She believes in going above and beyond in all her endeavours and values a supportive and positive professional environment where she and her colleagues can do their best work. Sonia loves a good chat to create a friendly bond with her clients while she skilfully brings out their natural style and beauty. An artist, but also a technician, she keeps up with trends and is always learning new techniques.

Sonia grew up in a small business family – she knows clients and hard work

Sonia had a dream wedding in Italy, her family’s country

Sonia believes good hair makes everything better, she really does



A learner and a teacher

she knows first-hand the challenges of styling curly hair and has a loyal following of clients who are relieved to have finally found a hairstylist who gets their hair. Kim has been doing hair since she was 13 and yet, she still pounces on every opportunity to take courses and learn from colleagues, always eager to explore new innovative tools for all hair types and textures. She loves to create looks that clients can recreate at home, thanks to her skilful cuts and her willingness to share her techniques. In all aspects of her life, this young mother is caring, thorough, and attentive to detail.

Born in Jamaica, Kim came to Canada when she was 4. Her first question after her first day at school here? “Why doesn’t my hair blow in the wind?”

An advocate for diversity, Kim passionately contributes to the offer of quality styling options for the different types of hair



An attentive listener

she enthusiastically turns every interaction into a cheerful exchange, she credits her steady improvement as a stylist to her attention to clients’ requests. Thwe loves being part of tight-knit and friendly communities, like Maison Noi, where everyone is encouraged to grow and blossom. Born in Myanmar, she resettled in Canada at a young age and is always eager to continue discovering new places, new people, new styles, new skills, and new talents she hasn’t tapped into yet.

Thwe might look reserved but, give her a mike or point a camera at her and the hidden performer comes out. She is a singer and could see herself as an actress

Thwe can tell you about Burmese coffee, a hidden secret that’s being discovered by Western coffee aficionados



A keen observer

his radars are often scanning the world around him to locate an interesting fashion style, a memorable aesthetic detail, a person who needs attention, or a potential subject for a future drawing. Simon learns best by watching and doing. In all he does, he is attentive to detail and caring by heart, traits which, combined with his outgoing and curious nature, make him a natural in his chosen profession.

Simon recently discovered drawing and never goes far without his drawing gear, nowadays. He is self-taught and enjoys drawing realistic portraits

Simon is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community

Simon loves prosecco and keeps discovering new cuisines that he enjoys



A brave and generous soul

she takes life in stride—after traveling to 11 countries, she left South Korea to settle on her own in Canada and bravely started building her life and career here. Haesol chose the beauty industry because she felt this was a way she could contribute to people’s happiness and wellbeing. This is a powerful motivation in her studies and in her work. Haesol is a fast and determined learner.

Haesol loves spicy food and noodles, in part because they taste like home!

Haesol has a happy smile on her face when she gets to play with makeup.